Newsletter – May 2020

NEWSLETTER                                                                  May 2020


Hello everyone, and welcome to the May newsletter. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic May’s meeting has also had to be cancelled. All our monthly meetings and trips will be cancelled until the Government lift all restrictions. Hopefully, this will not take too long and we send our best wishes to all members, family and friends to stay safe and well in this difficult time.

June Meeting

We wouldn’t normally have a meeting in June, because most of us are away on the group holiday, but IF the lockdown is over we will have an evening meeting on Wednesday 10th June.  Lets hope we can all meet up again next month.

November Meeting

An early reminder for everyone.  The meeting in November has had the date changed because the stadium need both of the suites for an event on the day of our meeting.  The new date is Wednesday 17th November.  Please mark it on your calendars or diaries.

Turkey and Tinsel Break

Once again due to the Coronavirus our spring break to Blackpool has also had to be cancelled. The Hotel have offered us an alternative date of Dec 18th to 21st for the same price of £99 thus becoming a Turkey & Tinsel weekend.

Summer Holiday

The holiday to Croyde Bay has been cancelled, regretfully. The lockdown won’t be over by the time we travel, and the general consensus is that most people don’t want to sit in a group on the coach for 6 hours, and then mix with other guests in the hotel.  Considering the age of our members and their increased vulnerability has left us with no other option.  We are looking for more suitable venues for next years holiday.  Only £20 per person has been paid as a deposit to the hotel, which should be returned to us.

 Afternoon Club

Once again the afternoon club have been cancelled until further notice.

Birthdays This Month

10TH Bob Bryant

10th Ged Philbin

11th David Attwood

12th Mair Davies

14th Simon Tudor

18th Edna Martin

19th Rod Jackson

25th Bryan Cartwright

If anyone’s name is missing from the list, please see me to update the records.

Please Note

Birthday cards have been poster early to ensure that they arrive no later than the members birthdays, however they could arrive quite early under the present circumstances.

Social Media

Just a reminder to all members that we have a website and facebook page so feel free to visit these sites and comment on any of the articles

Sad News

We were saddened to hear that one of our members Ken Parkes had passed away and we sent our condolences to his family.


We are still keeping in touch with our members every fortnight by phone and by the monthly newsletters.  If you need any help or fancy a chat to relieve your loneliness, please don’t hesitate to call one of the committee.  We are only too happy to help if we can.


If you are struggling on your own through the COVID-19 crisis Halton Borough Council are there to help you phone: 0151 907 8363

Green bin licence deadlines have been put back to 1 August 2020 to help those in financial difficulty.  If you are OK renewal date is from 1 June 2020.

There are a lot of scam phone calls, texts and emails being sent at the moment.  Please verify these contacts by asking who they are and what is their contact information and tell them that you will contact them later.  Halton Borough Council Adult Social Care is able to support you with this on 0151 907 8306.

Remember never give out bank account or bank card details is someone requests them over the phone.  Do not press button 1.  Just hang up!

Adult Social Care enquiries please phone 0151 90 8306
You will not be asked for your bank account or bank card details.

If you receive an unexpected call from anybody asking for your bank details, ask them for their name and the name of the organisation they work for and tell them that you will call them back.

Look up the organisation they claim to be from in the Phone Book, or by typing their website address online, and phone the organisation to make sure it was a genuine call. Do not phone the organisation on the number the caller has given.
If you or somebody you know has been caught out by a scam or fraud please contact one of our specialist officers, Linda or Sue on 0151 511 8785 or 0151 511 8775, who are already working with people in Halton who have lost thousands of pounds to scams.


Take care and STAY SAFE everyone.

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