Newsletter, May 2017


Hello everyone, and welcome to the May meeting.  Tonight we are welcoming back the Irish Guards singers, who were last here in November 2015 to entertain us. So please sit back and enjoy their vocal talents.


Irish Guards Choir

Summer Holiday

Just a reminder that the holiday must be paid in full tonight.  Luggage tags will also be given out. The coach leaves the Halton stadium at 07.30 on Monday 12th June, picking up at Runcorn bus station at 07.45.  Obviously due to the traffic problems we have been experiencing for some time now, there may be a slight delay to these timings.

June Meeting

The committee have decided that it will not be viable to hold a meeting next month, due to so many of us being down in Babbacombe on holiday. This also means that there won’t be a day trip as we won’t be there to collect names and payments, and organise the coach.  Aside from that, the members who have been away will probably be sick of the sight of coaches, and need a period of recovery before jumping on another!


For anybody who has been absent the past couple of meetings, can I remind you of our new system for payments where you put it in an envelope we have on the table, and put your name and reason on it too.

Mayors Charity

The last fundraiser held by Ged Philbin was a couple of weeks ago, and it was a great night, as I’m sure anyone who went will testify. The new Mayor, Councillor Alan Lowe is installed this month, and the club has committed to supporting him during his year in office,  so look forward to another series of fundraising events here at the stadium,

Afternoon Club

The free lunch at the Halton British Legion was delicious (it always tastes better when it’s free!), and taken up by 25 members.  It was a lovely afternoon, and a welcome change.  We aim to repeat it later in the year and hope that even more members will accept our hospitality.

Day Trip

This month’s day trip is to Skipton on Friday 19th May which is market day.  The cost is £10 per head, and you are encouraged to invite as many neighbours, friends and family as you like to fill the coach up. It leaves the Red Admiral at 09.15 and the stadium at 09.30.


The more observant of you may have noticed that below our logo is our website address.  It’s not something that we have advertised greatly in the past, but we now want everyone who is online to visit it regularly.  It will have a copy of each newsletter on it, so if you lose your paper copy, you can still access it for details.  It will also have a report on other events or news items, be they day trips, holidays or other social events, that may not be on the newsletter. So give it a look, and if you want us to include anything you have written or you think is relevant then let us know, and we will try to publish it.



14th June


12th July

Mal King

9th August

20th birthday party with entertainment from Dave Osborne


Dave Osbourne at our Christmas Party 2016



17th May


21st June

Beetle Drive

19th July

Chair based exercise (to be confirmed)

16th August

Anne Campbell (Singer with a guitar)


Friday 19th May


Friday 23rd June


Friday 21st July


Friday 18th August


Thanks to you all for coming to support your club tonight.  Sorry to harp on, but it’s important not to forget that we still have suggestions slips available for you to comment on what we are doing right or wrong, or to ask us to consider a new destination for a day trip, or a different activity on club nights.  We want everyone to have a say on how the club is run, and these slips are there for that purpose so please use them. Have a good night.

























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