Club trip to LLandudno

Weather-wise, Thursday 24th September turned out to be surprisingly balmy for the time of year, and this was surely our last opportunity this year to visit the spectacular seaside resort.

Disappointingly, we only managed to attract 25 members for this trip, which is surprising as we have always in the past managed to attract many more, but those who went had a fantastic day, mixing shopping with dining, and relaxing on the promenade watching the world go by with an ice cream in their hand.  It’s a hard life!

Mike from Anthony’s Travel was our driver on this occasion, who many of you will know from our holidays in Devon, and once again his courtesy and awful jokes were appreciated by all.  A return for 6pm was planned, and we all came back glowing from the warm weather and sea air.

This year our Turkey and Tinsel holiday is at the Esplanade Hotel in the resort, so several of us will be back at the end of November, a break we are all looking forward to.

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