Newsletter – January 2021

NEWSLETTER                                                                  JANUARY 2021


We wish all our members a happy and healthy New Year. We were forced to cancel the Christmas Party last month due to current circumstances, however we arranged for a two-course Christmas meal to be delivered to each member. We have received numerous compliments about the quality and quantity of the food, and we would like to express our gratitude to Rose Cook for arranging it. The Widnes deliveries were handled by Bob Rigby and Barry Heap to whom we also offer our thanks.

We look forward to when meetings can resume.  The first trip will be to Bury Market

Spring Break

19th-22nd March

Blackpool The Bond Hotel

Due to current lockdown and waiting for members to be vaccinated against Covid it was unanimously agreed to review the situation again at the next committee meeting.


I must sound like a broken record, but due to the pandemic we weren’t able to collect your donations for our usual Christmas hampers.

Holiday Balances

Dianne is in possession now of a list of how much each of you owe for the Summer Holiday in Hayling Island.  She will be in contact with everyone booked on this trip to discuss outstanding balances.


The holiday must be paid in full by the end of March.

 Just to remind you of the dates:

Friday 11th June to Friday 18th June 2021

We can assure everyone that this venue is covered by free COVID-19 insurance protection, and that Anthony’s Travel are taking all necessary precautions for travel arrangements. If anyone wishes to see if there are any available spaces, please contact Dianne on 01928 573801, she will be happy to make enquiries for you.

Any cheques for holidays to Barry. Could you please ensure that the PAYEE is clearly marked as:

Let’s Go Stroke Club.

Payments can also be made into the following bank account:

Sort Code 60-19-24

Account No 43542581 

Please put your name and purpose of payment in the Reference field.

Single Person Holiday Supplements

The Committee has unanimously agreed to fund the whole cost of any future single person supplements, to enable everyone to be able to enjoy our planned holidays without facing extra costs.


It has been agreed that all existing members will receive free club membership for 2021.

Molly Daly

This lady turns 91 on the 23rd of January, so I’m sure you will all join us in wishing Molly an incredibly happy birthday.

Birthdays this month

Sylvia Attwood     1st

Sheila Wilson       2nd  

Sylvia Heap           3rd  

Carol Crosbie        3rd

Mike Duncan        7th

Ann Leicester       14th         

Barry Heap           17th   

Gwen Upton        21st

Molly Daly            23rd

Betty Mitchell      31st


Maurice Gorodkin   2nd

Sylvia Arnold           14th

Eileen Duckett         18th

Ruth Card                 19th

Les Crosbie               20th

Many happy returns to all of you.

If there are any mistakes or omissions, please see a committee member to update our records.

Club Calendars 2021

All club members should by now have received the Club Calendar 2021 as these were delivered by Dianne and David If any member has not received the calendar please let Dianne know on 01928 573801.

Lockdown Photos

If anyone has any photos they would like on the newsletter, please forward to

Keeping in Touch

Teresa Cook, Sandra Byrne and Rose Cook keep in touch with our members every week by phone to check on their wellbeing,  and to ask if there are any issue’s they require support with.

Social Media 

If you have access to a computer or smartphone, why not keep in the loop by accessing our website or facebook page and having a browse. The addresses are:



Annual General Meeting

After discussion it was agreed that a postal AGM would be the best solution, due to members limited access to technology and equipment, and to enable every member, despite any individual limitations, to be able to participate fully in the process. Dianne and David have agreed to hand deliver all AGM paperwork to members to prevent any going astray. Mike Duncan is due for re-election this year. There are still 2 vacancies on the committee for anybody who would like to volunteer for these positions. Anybody who would like this opportunity please forward their name to Dianne Ryder.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to support your club, even if it must be at a distance. We will keep in touch, but remember, if anyone needs any help or just a chat on the phone, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Take Care and Stay Safe

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