Newsletter – November 2020

NEWSLETTER                                                              NOVEMBER 2020


Hello everyone, and welcome to the November newsletter. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, November’s meeting has also had to be cancelled. All our monthly meetings and trips will be cancelled until the Government lift all restrictions.  We send our best wishes to all members, family and friends to stay safe and well at this difficult time.

Turkey and Tinsel Break (which has now become our Spring Break)

19th-22nd March

We are pleased to advise you that we have managed to book an alternative weekend at The Bond Hotel, Blackpool from 19 March 2021 to 22 March 2021.  The hotel will be solely occupied by us, so if there is anyone else wishing to go, please contact Dianne Ryder on 01928 573801 to discuss and also arrange to make full payment to Barry which can be done through bank transfer with the  details shown under Summer Holiday The cost for the whole holiday remains at £99 for 3 nights’ accommodation, bed, breakfast and evening meal, including evening entertainment.  For those wishing to travel there independently, the hotel has 23 car parking spaces.

Summer Holiday 2021

11th June 2021


The holiday must be paid in full by the end of March

We would assure everyone that this venue is covered by free COVID-19 – 19 insurance protection, and that Anthony’s Travel are taking all necessary precautions for travel arrangements. If anyone wishes to see if there are any available spaces please contact Dianne Ryder on 01928 573801, she will be happy to make enquiries for you.

Any cheques for holidays to Barry. Could you please ensure that the PAYEE is clearly marked as:

Let’s Go Stroke Club.

Payments can also be made into the following bank account:

Sort Code 60-19-24

Account No. 43542581

Please put your name in the Ref Field.

Single Person Holiday Supplements

The Committee has unanimously agreed to fund the whole cost of any future single person supplements, to enable everyone to be able to enjoy our planned holidays without facing extra costs.

Afternoon Club

Once more the afternoon club has been cancelled until further notice.



01st Ged Martin

04th Brenda Ramsden

06th Patricia Gorodkin

10th Elsie Douglas

10th Julie Cartwright

11th Val Walsh

30th Bob Rigby


06th Lilian Murphy

15th Hilary Kay

16th Dianne Ryder

If anyone’s name is missing from the list, please see me to update the records.

Social Media

Just a reminder to all members, that we have a website and facebook page so feel free to visit these sites and comment on any of the articles

If you would like anything going onto the website or facebook for example, photographs or reviews on any of the club events, feel free to send them to me, David Ryder, at the following email address:

Virtual Club Meeting

Following recent enquiries by a club member, we are currently investigating the possibility of arranging a virtual club meeting via the internet for those members, friends and family who have internet access. We have come up with a way this can be organised but I would need an email address so I can send out the invite to the meeting.

Anyone who would be interested in this can you please send David Ryder your email address to so we can try to organise this online event.


Teresa Cook, Sandra Byrne and Rose Cook still keep in touch with our members every week by phone to check on their wellbeing, and if there are any issue’s they require support with, and also by the monthly newsletters. 

Hidden Disability Cards

Sandra Byrne has purchased some hidden disability cards for members who require proof that they are unable to wear facemasks. Please contact Sandra on 01928 580887 if you would like one.

Ray & Pat Cosgrove

Roy and Pat’s spring flowering tubs are proving to be great value. They are on sale to members and their families and friends for £20 each, with £5 being donated to club funds.  If anyone would like to purchase one, please ring Roy or Pat on 0151 424 1829 to make arrangements. If any member who purchase these tubs would like to provide a photo for the newsletter once they are in flower please send to

Club Membership 2021

It has been agreed that all existing members will receive free club membership for 2021. Also, the 2021 calendar will be delivered by the committee members before the new year.

Members Lockdown Photos

2 photos from Sandra Byrne

If anyone has any photos they would like on the newsletter please forward to

Useful Information

Take Care Everyone

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