Newsletter – May 2019

NEWSLETTER                                                                           MAY 2019


Hello everyone, and welcome to the May meeting. The more observant amongst us will notice that we are in a new room, The Karalius Suite, as the Halton Suite downstairs is no longer being used.   Tonight, we are welcoming a singer who we saw while we were on holiday in Llandudno in March. We were all so impressed, that we booked him there and then to come along tonight. His name is Alan Gill, and I know you’re all going to enjoy his blend of music and humour.

Summer Holiday

Just a reminder that the holiday must be paid in full tonight.  Presently we don’t have a rooming list, so we will post your luggage tags out to you before we travel.  The coach leaves the Halton stadium at 07.30 on Saturday 8th June, picking up at Runcorn bus station at 07.45. This year we aren’t taking a trailer, so please leave the kitchen sink at home, and only pack for ONE week. Also please, please remember your medications.

June Meeting

The committee have decided that it will not be viable to hold a meeting next month, due to so many of us being down in Croyde Bay on holiday.  So, our next evening club meeting will be on Wednesday 10th July. The afternoon club on the 19th June will still go ahead.

Day Trips

The first coach trip of the year to Fleetwood and Cleveleys last month went ahead, and apart from a few sharp showers the weather was kind to us. The next one this month on the 24th is to our old favourite, Llandudno. The coach will leave the stadium at 09.30, and the Red Admiral at 09.45, and the cost is £10 a head.

Mayors Charity

The new Mayor, Councillor Margaret Horabin is installed this month, and the club has committed to supporting her during her year in office, which is only fair, as she has named us as one of her charities for the year. So look forward to another series of fundraising events here at the stadium. The first has been pencilled in for Friday 21st June and is a rock ‘n’ roll night.  I have no more details at the moment.

Afternoon Club

We are a bit concerned that we haven’t been able to contact our massage therapist to date, so we’ll be optimistic and presume that the afternoon will go ahead as planned.  If not, we have an alternative activity as a back-up, and we can invite her back on another day. 



12th June


10th July

Ukelele Band

14th August

22nd birthday party with buffet and entertainment from club friend, Dave Osborne.


19th June

Vocalist, Jimmy Grace

17th July


15th August

Chair based exercise 


Friday 28th June


Thursday 25th July

Bury Market

Friday 24th August



5th  Brian Williams

10TH Bob Bryant

10th Ged Philbin

11th David Attwood

12th  Mair Davies

14th Simon Tudor

18th Edna Martin

19th Rod Jackson

25th Bryan Cartwright

Once again, if anyone’s name is missing from this list, or there are any errors, please let me know.

Thanks to you all for coming to support your club tonight.  Have a good night.

Take Care










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