Newsletter – March 2019

NEWSLETTER                                                                      MARCH 2019


Hello everyone, welcome, and thanks for attending our AGM. I know it’s not very exciting, but it is necessary for us to comply with the Charities Commission rules, so thanks for bearing with us. Just a reminder that if you haven’t renewed your membership for this year yet, you need to do it now, in order to have a vote, and enjoy our delicious buffet.


Disappointingly, we received no nominations for committee members this year. Fortunately, we have a good team already in place, but we really do need some fresh impetus from new members.  Only a few hours a month is all we are asking for, which shouldn’t be too much to ask from members who are mostly retired. We can co-opt members onto the committee at any time, not just at the AGM, so if anyone would like to reconsider, and put something back into the club, then please have a word with any committee member, join us, and see what you’re missing.

Spring Break

This Friday a group of us are off to Llandudno for a St Patricks Day themed weekend.  Luggage tags will be distributed tonight.  The coach leaves the Halton Stadium at 09.30, and the Runcorn bus station at 09.45, calling at Tweedmills, St Asaph on the way down, as our rooms won’t be ready until 2pm. PLEASE, PLEASE, remember to bring your medications.

Summer Holiday

Just a reminder that the holiday must be paid in full by the May meeting. As always, to help spread the cost, we are accepting periodic payments to avoid paying it all in one go.  Please remember to bring your payment cards with you though, so you have a record of what you have paid.

 Day Trip

Our first trip of the year is to Boundary Mill, on Friday 22nd March. The coach leaves the Red Admiral at 09.30 and the Stadium at 09.45, the cost being £10 a head. We hope to return for 6pm. Please give your names to Dianne.  If we have enough interest (around 25), we will collect the money later tonight.

Bryan Cartwright

Bryan is one of our founder members and has been a wonderful supporter of the club for many years.  However, he has decided that he should gracefully retire from the committee at this AGM.  We would like to offer him our sincere thanks for his sterling service and dedication to the club and hope that we will still see him occasionally at our club meetings as time permits.

Afternoon Club

Unfortunately, the group, Belmonte Road had to cancel last minute due to illness but provided us with a superb country music duo called Hoppin’ Frogs (honestly). Next week we have Paul Keenan, a Frank Ifield tribute act to sing for us to celebrate the 3rd birthday of the afternoon club. Free tea, coffee and biscuits too.

Mayors Charity

There is a Civic Night at the Brindley tomorrow night, starring local talent, and there are still tickets available. Adults are £10, concessions £7.

Next, on Friday 22nd March, there is a race night here at the stadium.  Tickets are £12 adults, and children under 14 are £8 for hotpot and a dessert. First race is at 8pm.  There will be a sponsor form coming round tonight, it’s £2 to name a horse and be the jockey in any race.  Multiple entries are allowed, please don’t just pick one. If you are the winning jockey of a race, you will win a bottle of wine.

On Saturday 6th April, it’s Grand National Day, and here at the stadium you are invited to watch all the races televised with live betting. The bar is open, and afternoon tea will be served.  Dress up as if you were off to the races and participate in this spectacle in comfort and out of the rain.  Tickets are £20, and a great afternoon is guaranteed, but we can’t promise you will back a winner! The fun starts at 1pm 


Thursday 25th April

Cleveleys and Fleetwood

Friday 24th May


Friday 28th June



10th April


9th May

Ukelele Band

12th June

TBA (Holiday)


17th April

Easter Crafts

15th May

Massage Therapy

19th June


 And finally, we have tickets on sale tonight for another 50/50 draw, with a minimum prize of £100, to be drawn at the Grand National Day on 6th April. They are £1 each.

Birthdays this month

Beranice Manley, 2nd   Teresa Ainsworth, 5th Doreen Yates, 11th

David Ryder, TODAY!          Mary Evans, 22nd                Betty Clark, 26th

If anyone’s name is missing from this list, please see me to update my records.

Just to remind you that we have a cold buffet and chips tonight, and you can’t go home until it’s all gone, so tuck in.

Thanks to you all for coming to support your club tonight.  Have a good night.

Take Care




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