Newsletter – May 2018

NEWSLETTER                                                                           MAY 2018


Hello everyone, and welcome to the May meeting.  Tonight, we are welcoming back the Motley Ukes, so sit back and enjoy their unique blend of music.

Bob Rigby

Since our last newsletter, Bob Rigby’s son, Andrew has sadly passed away.  His funeral was today, and was attended by several members. Our condolences and prayers are offered to Bob and all his family at this tragic time. We hope Bob will soon be back amongst his friends at the club.

Summer Holiday

Just a reminder that the holiday must be paid in full tonight.  Luggage tags will also be given out. The coach leaves the Halton stadium at 07.30 on Monday 11th June, picking up at Runcorn bus station at 07.45.  Now that the new bridge is open, we can expect no delays to these timings.  This year we aren’t taking a trailer, so please leave the kitchen sink at home, and only pack for one week.

June Meeting

The committee have decided that it will not be viable to hold a meeting next month, due to so many of us being down in Babbacombe on holiday.  So, our next evening club meeting will be on Wednesday 11th July. The afternoon club on the 20th June will still go ahead.

Day Trips

I advertised a trip on Friday 25th of May to Stoke on Trent, however I am struggling to book a visit to a pottery factory because they are either only for small groups or they aren’t disabled friendly, and they charge between £8 and £10.  I will persevere, but on the basis that it can’t be arranged, I intend to visit the Potteries shopping centre in Hanley anyway.  So please make your decisions on that basis. The coach will leave the stadium at 09.30 and the Red Admiral at 09.45 Also, because we have no meeting in June, we would need to take names for the trip to Fleetwood market and outlet village tonight too. The coach would leave the Red Admiral at 09.30, and the stadium at 09.45. As usual the cost is £10 per head per trip.

Mayors Charity

The last fundraiser held by Alan Lowe was a couple of weeks ago, celebrating St Georges day, and it was a great night, as I’m sure anyone who went will testify. The new Mayor, Councillor John Bradshaw is installed this month, and the club has committed to supporting him during his year in office, so look forward to another series of fundraising events here at the stadium.

Afternoon Club

The free lunch at the Halton British Legion will be next Wednesday, 16th May.  Remember that it is open to ALL members. To book your place, please see me with your deposits of £5 tonight, which will be reimbursed upon arrival. The meal is planned for 1pm, so please arrive slightly earlier.




13th June


11th July


8th August

21st birthday party with buffet and entertainment from superb vocalist Nicole Jay.


20th June


18th July

Indoor Games

15th August

Anne Campbell (Singer with a guitar)



Friday 29th June

Fleetwood market and outlet village

Friday 27th July

Cleveleys or Llandudno, you choose!

Friday 24th August



10TH Bob Bryant

10th Brenda Fisher

10th Ged Philbin

11th David Attwood

14th Simon Tudor

18th Edna Martin

19th Rod Jackson

25th Bryan Cartwright

Once again, if anyone’s name is missing from this list, or there are any errors, please let me know.

Thanks to you all for coming to support your club tonight.  Have a good night.

Take Care


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