Newsletter May 2016


Hi everyone and welcome to the May meeting. Last month we were entertained by Holly, and it was good to see how much she was enjoyed, and how many of you got involved with the percussion section! This month, as promised, we are trying something new again, with a few games of “Play Your Cards Right”. Steve is our Bruce Forsyth, so all we need now is our “Dolly Dealer”. Good luck to everyone who joins in, a bottle of wine to each game winner.


We are proud to announce that we have been selected as one of two charities to benefit from the Mayors Fund this year. The soon to be installed Councillor Ged Philbin, and his consort Ms Ros Wong, have decided to honour us with this award, and we look forward as a committee and club to working with them to raise as much money as we can this next year. It will involve a lot of work and a lot of fun too, as we organise fundraising events which we will ultimately benefit from. I would like to think that you, the members, will support as many events as you can. We will let you know what is coming up, and ask for your help.


We require full payment for the holiday tonight please. Final details and luggage tags will be issued at the next meeting on the 8th of June, the week before the holiday.


Bookings have picked up slightly in the last few weeks, but are still not at a level to guarantee that we won’t have to sell it at the end of the season. If you value this excellent facility, and want us to keep it, then book your weeks now and encourage others to do the same.


This month, we are trying something new again, and are planning a trip to the races at Haydock Park on FRIDAY 27th May. Entry to the park will be £10 a head, and the coach fare will be £10 each. The first race is at 2.10, and 6 races are on the card, the last being at 4.40.  The coach will pick up at the Red Admiral at 11.30, and the stadium at 11.45. Plan to be back on the coach at 5.30 for the return trip. People over 60 must bring some ID to enjoy this reduced entry fee.


After two meetings, we are increasing our attendance figures, and we are getting the word out there in the community. This month the meeting is next Wednesday, the 18th, and we have a person coming from Age UK to give us a short chat on what they have to offer. We should be able to access a game or two for a bit of fun, and don’t forget the raffle, so come along and see what we do, and support your club. Remember: Friends and family are welcome too



No trip planned due to the Babbacombe holiday

Friday 22nd July


Friday 19th August

Belle Vue Greyhounds


8th June

Bingo Night

13th July

The Motley Ukes (Ukelele band)

10th August

19th Birthday Party with free buffet

Thanks for coming tonight and supporting your club. We look forward to seeing you next week at the Grangeway if you can make it. Failing that, perhaps you would like to come to the races with us.

Take Care

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