Newsletter April 2016


Thanks to everybody who took the time to attend the AGM last month. I know it’s not very exciting, but it’s a legal requirement for us as a charity, and it’s a good excuse for a buffet.


We had one vacancy on the committee due to John Jackson’s retirement, but no applicants, so that post remains vacant. However, since the AGM, Sandra Byrne has volunteered her services, and so she has been co-opted onto the committee. She has already made an impact, and some of you will have spoken to her last weekend as she offered to phone around to arrange tonight’s transport. Thanks for your help Sandra, and welcome to the mad house.


I have to report that one of our founder members, Peter Rusling, has passed away at home after a long illness. His funeral took place last Friday, and the club was well represented. Our condolences have been passed on to his wife, Margaret, and his family.


Last Friday, our secretary, Dianne Higginson was married to her fiancé, David Ryder. We wish them both a long and happy life together.


Just a reminder that the holiday must be paid for, in full, at the next meeting in May.


Bookings are thin on the ground for the caravan currently, so check your holiday diaries and book your weeks if you intend to take advantage of this wonderful facility.


This month, on Thursday 28th, we are off to Llandudno for the day. I have already booked the sunshine, so a great day is on offer. Bearing in mind the lack of bookings for the caravan, we would like to call in at the New Pines site, on the way down for an hour, to show everybody what a fantastic place it is, and hopefully some of you will book a week or two. The cost is £10 each, and the coach leaves the stadium at 9.15, and the Red Admiral at 9.30. Bring your family and friends along too.


The inaugural meeting of the afternoon club was a great success. Eighteen people showed up, the room we had been given wasn’t big enough. After tea and biscuits, we got down to a few games of bingo, and had a good natter. In the future we are planning entertainers, chair based exercise, games and guest speakers to enlighten us. It’s a good couple of hours, and if you’re a member it’s free. Make the most of your £15 membership fee. This month’s meeting is next Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm, at the Grangeway Community Centre, and everybody is welcome. Bring your friends and family along and let’s make it the success it deserves to be.


Friday May 27th

Haydock Park Races


No trip planned due to the Babbacombe holiday

Friday 22nd July



11th May

Play Your Cards Right

8th June

Bingo Night

13th July

The Motley Ukes (Ukelele band)

Thanks for coming tonight to support your club. Look forward to seeing you at the afternoon club next week, or on the day trip, but preferably both.

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