Lets Go Club at the Races

Roy Basnett, our local radio personality, agreed to host our race night, and did a superb job for us. Six races were on the card (or the DVD), and Steve Lever once again stepped in as John McCririck, and organised the betting and “fixed the odds”, ably helped by Sue and Kevin (the tic tac men).

Unfortunately due to a “bug” going around, member numbers were depleted, but there was still a lot of enthusiastic shouting going on as each race ran its course. I didn’t hear of anyone losing their shirt on the night, and I don’t think we need to alert Gamblers Anonymous, everyone seemed very sensible.

Some lost a few pounds, and some won a small sum, but everyone had a good night, and I’m sure it’s something we can repeat next year. Maybe we could organise a trip to Haydock Racecourse, and do it for real.

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1 Response to Lets Go Club at the Races

  1. Sandra Byrne says:

    Haydock races sound good chance for the ladies to buy a new fasinator


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