Babbacombe Holiday June 2015

On 14 June 2015 24 club members set off for their annual holiday in Babbacombe. Instead of having a rest break half way there on a motorway service station, Mike our driver, came up with the brilliant idea of resting for 90 minutes in Tewkesbury.   What a lovely interesting place. We never stopped talking about it all holiday. So picteresque and charming.

For a change we were travelling and returning on a Sunday which also meant that the roads were not exceedingly busy and we arrived quite easily in Babbacombe still early in the afternoon. It felt like we had gained an extra day and we were all raring to get out and explore. But first we were amazed by the improvements to the hotel since we were last there. Lots of rooms had been modernised and the reception and bar areas looked beautiful. Renovations to the hotel will actually be completed by the time we return in 2016!!

We went on lots of lovely trips our nearly every day. No one was compelled to go but most of us were managed to go on every trip. We visited a few new places which made it all so exciting.

Below are just some of the places that we visited;Brixham


Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral

Sidmouth Seafront

The sea front at Sidmouth

Tewkesbury Abbey

Tewksbury Abbey

Torquay marina from the big wheel

Torquay marina from the big wheel

The hotel food and entertainment was much improved and the only problem was that there was no nightly bingo sessions for the ‘bingoers’. Let us hope that this changes for next year. Fingers crossed.

All week the weather was warm and sunny and everyone remained in high spirits. Unfortunately, it all had to end but the journey home was equally pleasant. This time we stopped at an independent service station and everything was organic and sustainable and comfortable. Non of the usual hurly burly of motorway services. Our only genuine complaint was that when we arrived in Runcorn and Widnes it was cold and windy and we certainly came back to reality with a bump.

Roll on 12 June 2016 when we once invade Babbacombe.


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