Let’s Go Club Celebrates 16th Birthday Party!

It was Sweet 16 for the Let’s Go Club as we celebrated our 16th Birthday at the Stobart Stadium last week.

Our patron Derek Twigg was joined by the Mayor & Mayoress of Halton (Cllrs MacInerney) and around 200 club members for a lovely evening of superb food, great music and great company.

The highlight of the evening was when our Chairperson, Bob received a Life After Stroke Award 2012 (on behalf of the Club) from a representative of The Stroke Association. Well done Bob!

Many thanks to everyone who attended the Party. We hope you enjoyed as much and we did and we look forward to seeing you at the next Club Meeting on Wednesday 12th September.

For more information, please call Bob on (01928) 572 587.

Here are some photos from the Party:

Bob addresses the crowd.

Bob receives the Life After Stroke 2012 award from The Stroke Association.

The Mayor cracks a few jokes at Bob’s expense.

Our Patron, Derek Twigg MP joins Bob to cut the cake.

The Mayor & Mayoress join Bob & Derek Twigg.

Cllrs MacInerney along with Derek Twigg and Bob.

The Mayor performs the all important raffle duties.

Robert from The Stroke Association

Brian Cartwright and Debbie Pitt

Anne and Julie Cartwright

Davina, Alan and Theresa

Sylvia and Barry Heaps

Mr and Mrs Jackson

“The Ecclestone Drive Mob”

Doreen Reddican

John, John and Nancy

Mr and Mrs Malvina

“Wally’s out of his cupboard” – Mr and Mrs Tickle

Mr and Mrs Johnson

Elsie Douglas alongside Mr and Mrs Murphy

Elaine Peterson and Teresa Ainsworth

Ruth, Pauline and Anne

The Ball Family

John, Elan and Mr & Mrs Cook

Betty Mitchell and George Lake

Russ Morrison

Jean Bates

Brian Cartwright (again)

Michael and Barbara Lindon

Our Sponsor, Mike Sherwin with club members

Colin Reddican sorts out the raffle

Karen and Roy White dancing the night away!

A lovely photo of the room

Club Members enjoyed a wonderful evening at The Stobart Stadium

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