Babbacombe Holiday – June 2012

June saw another wildly succesful trip to The Let’s Go Stroke Club’s favourite Holiday Destination, The Sefton Hotel in Babbacombe.

Many thanks to everyone who came along. We hope you had lovely time.

Thanks to everyone who helped to organise the trip.

Here’s to next year!

Here are some photos of club members enjoying the trip:

Here we are about to board the bus, joined by the Mayor (Cllr Tom McInerney) and Mayoress (Cllr Angela McInerney)

Helping members onto the bus are Phil the Driver, John Jackson and Tony Loftus.

The Mayor and Mayoress make sure everyone is comfortable before the journey begins.

The wonderful view of the bay from the Sefton Hotel

Lunch in Paignton

What could be a
Is there a better way to spend a Sunday morning than enjoying a nice cup of coffee?

Mrs Vaughan meets a local Police Officer.

Mrs Vaughan and Mrs McCarthy

Mr Tittle

A lovely day on the Seafront

A lovely photo of the Pier

From Monday’s trip on the River Dart: a lovely view of Dartmouth

Mrs & Mrs Ashton enjoying the view (note the steam train in the background)

The boat (named “Legend” after Bob) that Bob considered hiring for the week.

Another lovely view from the boat trip

The Castle on River dart

Mr & Mrs Jackson

A visit to Babbacombe Fair lead to a close encounter with this eagle.

John, Tony, Alan, Davina and Jane.

George & Joan Lake enjoying a snack alongside Mr Tittle.

Mr & Mrs Ashton enjoy the view from the Sefton House.

Mr & Mrs Murphy and Mrs Bates

Mrs Bryant, Mrs Peterson, Mrs Loftus, Teresa and Mr & Mrs Lindon

Mr Lindon

A rather charming reto Police Car. “That’s why the Police never catch anyone in Devon” says Bob.

Slyvia and Barry Heaps.

Mr & Mrs Jackson

A lovely photo of Estelle Price and Teresa.

John Biggs and Teresa on the bus. United fan John Cook in the background.

A view of Babbacombe Fair from Bob’s window

Another view of the Fair

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