Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to the Official Website of The Let’s Go Club.

Why do we need a club?

5 people a week in Halton have strokes.

We are a mutual support, self help group for people who have suffered a stroke and their carers.

The club is run by volunteers who have had strokes or who are carers.

The club meets on the second Wednesday of each month at the Stobart Stadium, Corner House Lane, Widnes.

The club will provide free transport to the people who do not have their own transport.

The club has monthly days out throughout the year.

We have entertainment on club evenings and we provide a Christmas Party each year for members.


The club arranges holidays for members. One seven day holiday during the summer months.

Also Turkey & Tinsel holiday near to Christmas.


Membership to the club is open to persons who have suffered a stroke and their carers.

A membership subscription of £15 per person is all that is required.


The club owns a substantial amount of equipment which can be loaned to members free of charge.

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  1. lilymurphy says:

    welldone bob very good excellent all the good looking ones haha


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